Police Cars Crushed

VT Man deals crushing blow to sheriff's department police car fleet

The drive-by media again miss the story within the story while reporting on a man who crushed 7 police cars.

A Vermont man is accused by police of running over 7 of their vehicles with a tractor. Associated Press reports that while police were inside enjoying the cool air of air conditioning, a man was in the parking lot crushing their cars with a giant farm tractor. Apparently, the narcotic-like hum of the AC masked the sound of a ginormous tractor smashing 7 cars to bits on the other side of the wall. Hmmm. It seems like this might be another case of the media missing the real story.

NECN (New England Cable News) had one of the most detailed reports on the incident. Apparently, the police cars were not neatly lined up. The alleged tractor-crush hero had to use his machine to first push the vehicles closer to one another so he could then do the monster-truck style drive over, which he did twice according to witnesses. That kind of follow through requires patience and intestinal fortitude. Anyone might have the guts to kick out a back window while laying down on the back seat of a cruiser cuffed (what, you’ve never done that?). However to take the time and attention to detail to do the job this well is pretty unusual.


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The Sheriff's station in question is located in an old bank and the deputies claim that the "thick walls and vault" mean they can't hear things outside. My question: why are ALL of them inside at the same time, sitting around long enough for this guy to have done this (over 10 minutes)? Aren't they supposed to be out "protecting and serving" and whatnot? Also note that when they did finally hear about it and ran outside, the perp was leaving in his tractor and they couldn't pursue because not a single one of them drives his/her personal car to work, they all depend on those cruisers. Maybe that's another flaw that should be reconsidered: letting cops take their cruisers home instead of driving their own vehicles to/from work, thus providing a second option. In the end, the sheriff had to call local cops to come get the guy for them. The man, despite having a loaded gun in the tractor, didn't draw or attempt to use it, showing he knew he was going to get caught and did this anyway (hearsay reports say the gun was in the toolbox, so the guy probably didn't plan on using it and may not have known it was there). I suspect there's some serious back story between this guy and those sheriffs.
Right on Aaron. And no CCTV cameras? So a bad guy could just walk up and unload two cases of dynamite next to the wall and light a match? Come on. I don't buy it. The cops I grew up with are not dumb.