Volvo C30 Electric

Three good reasons why the Volvo C30 Electric would spark change in the US market

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The Volvo C30 Electric has the potential to change the game in the US electric car market in three important ways.

The electric car market in the US is divided into two distinct categories. The first category is defined by a frumpy car with a look only a mother could love. It also handles like an economy car made in the 1980s. However, that isn’t the point. The reason for the entry level electric car is that there is a market of folks that will buy an electric car at any price, without regard for the sacrifices. They are true believers in moving away from petroleum powered vehicles. The problem that companies offering electric cars in the US face right now is this; The number of people who fall into this niche is very limited. Worse, many of them already own a Prius. Thus we see such results as the Chevy Volt plant being mothballed so inventory can drain from dealer’s back lots.

The second category of electric cars is ultra-exclusive, insanely expensive (think $100K) sport-luxury cars that Golden Globe winners will be photographed driving. Seeing one of these on the road is about as likely as seeing a bald eagle snatch a rabbit off your front lawn. It could happen, but it won’t.


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