Tesla decries special interest group legislation, asks for same

America loves an underdog. Right up until it doesn’t. Why Tesla should tread lightly regarding its direct sales model.

For those who have been under a rock for the past three years, Tesla is an automobile manufacturer. Specifically, they make luxury electric cars in relatively low volumes. Their plan is to do that a while longer and then introduce a breakthrough vehicle for us all that is compelling to drive, electric, and affordable.

One advantage that makes Tesla very special is the company does not have any car dealers. It sells its products and services its products directly. When you buy a Tesla, you buy from Tesla. You don’t have to go through most of the stereotypical things we dislike about dealerships. That is where it runs into some trouble.


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Tesla is NOT the special interest group however you put it. From the beginning of our civilization, people have always been able to sell what they make whatever way they want as long as their products are safe and functional as advertised. No one should have the right to strip people that right. Just because Tesla refuses to obey, it doesn't make it a special interest group.
This nation is full of special interest groups and their protectionist cartels. Lawyers are one (try practicing law without a "license"), doctors are another (ditto), hairstylists (licensing..), and more. Licensing laws aren't created for public safety, they're created to make a special cartel that only those with special access can get into; all others are banned from business. Oh.. and Tesla IS a special interest, Johnny. Or don't you know about the EV tax credits available federally and in many states? You know, the one that is only for special interests like Tesla who make EVs?