2014 Lexus RC 350

Surprising details about the 2014 Lexus RC 350 sports coupe

This week Lexus has confirmed the RC 350 is a production model and surprised many Lexus enthusiasts with new details of the car. Lexus has gone out of its way to make this vehicle better than the new BMW 4 series.

The new Lexus RC 350 is a 2-door sports coupe. We used to call it a 2-door version of the IS 350, since it looks as if it is that’s car’s 2-door twin. However, in the first of many surprising details revealed this week, Lexus tells us that the RC 350 is actually based on the Lexus GS line. We won’t parse words with Lexus on that statement. We will say though that the IS is also based on the GS, so… The new IS 350 shares the suspension, drivetrain, and many other components with the GS, so we are not sure what the difference is.


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I thought the surprise was that it was a Mazda design knockoff. lmao :)
From the side it looks like a dead ringer for the 6. There are worse things to look like.
I see a lot of the G37 coupe in that view also.