2014 Scion tC

Scion's website least liked in the industry

If the low sales are not enough of a worry, now an industry study ranks Scion’s website dead last.

Scion was meant to be the hot youth brand that would lure first time buyers into the Toyota family. In case you don’t have any young people in your life, they use this internet thingy a lot. In fact, they do stuff like shop on it and use it for entertainment. Some crazy kids even buy cars using it. The bad news for Scion is that those that use the Scion website rank it last of all the automakers studied.

A 2011 study by Polk found that 60 % of all vehicle shopping is done on-line. Polk did that study again in 2013 and found that the time vehicle shoppers spent overall had actually declined, but importantly, the percentage of that now spent on-line shopping for vehicles had increased to 75%. The upshot of this is that your website better hook the buyer quickly and it better be good or you risk having the shopper hop over to another site that they like better.


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I find Toyota's website to be equally obtuse boarding on a total lack of transparency. The problem is the " build you car" add on methodology of Toyota pricing. The company needs to return to a nuts and bolts based specification list. Kids or not, we all wish to be " educated" by the manufacturer as to the base components and options offered by that manufacturer. From a technical standpoint? I find many manufacturing websites to be lacking. Take a look at G.M.'s truck pull down. pitiful.
Parks, I agree. I am fan of Toyota in general and I just hope that the site is the problem. And not a complete lack of interest in Scion in general.