Boston Parking

Parking in Boston now costs more than the car itself

Media reports have the cost of a parking space now exceeding 300K. Part one of a two part series about parking in the Hub.

Boston’s relationship with the caa has always been tumultuous. It is also very expensive. Boston is one of the many cities in North America that was pretty much built out before there were cars. That partly explains the left exits off some expressways and the crazy mish-mash of one ways and dead ends, which are now called “Not a Thru Way” because nobody wants to live on a dead end. Although Boston has a working class reputation the truth is a little different. Boston, like most major cities is really a collection of neighborhoods. In part one of our series we will look today at what it costs to park in the city center.


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I work in Cambridge, same thing. Company provides a parking pass for a garage, cost is between $250-300. Not really sure, I don't get the bill. Daily rate is $30. Previous work in the financial center in Boston was more, a few years ago. I think one could find a spot for more than the $37 mentioned. My commuter car is a smaller Nissan, payments ARE lower than parking fees. The reason, I believe, that so many people drive is that 'public transportation' is not accessible to many, and expensive to use. My town has no public trans. To go to the next town, pay to park in a lot and catch a train x2, hope the trains are on time, cost is almost as much as parking garages. Mass citizens are already subsidizing the 'public trans' system. 20% of the sales tax collected go directly to the MBTA. Don't have numbers in front of me, but, the rates just went up last month by almost 25%. And they still are not breaking even. We as citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts don't have many choices. Bad and worse are two of them.