Peyton Mannin Buick Verano

One More reason Tom Brady is cooler than Peyton Manning

Why does the fotball champion for Indianapolis, and now hero in Denver drive a Buick Verano? Is he not aware of the Cadillac CTS-V?

Here at Torque News we do not judge people by the cars they drive. Simply put, most folks would prefer to have a full stable of cars, each suited to the particular mood and needs of the day. The fact remains that budgets, families, and taste dictate what we drive pretty much in that order. However, there are those who walk among us that have more money than they will ever spend, or that their heirs can spend in a few generations. It seems fair to pick on those folks a bit when they opt for a ride that seems, shall we say, ill-suited to their station in life.
We all remember Tiger Woods’ family implosion that resulted in a golf club coming through his rear window. Who could blame the big-guy if he from then on bought extended bed pick-ups with a contractors wire mesh over the rear glass? Once burned, twice shy. However, it seems he is a Buick man now and he has just been joined by Peyton Manning.

For those who are not paying attention Peyton is the guy who a few years back was the favorite son at Thanksgiving at his house, Super Bowl winner, and arguably the best QB in the NFL. Then his little brother had the audacity to win two rings and upset the apple cart. Who’s sitting at the kids table this year? That sibling rivalry is minor compared to Peyton’s real rivalry though. The guy Peyton wakes up in sweats cursing is named Tom Brady and Peyton has just handed us one more reason to think Tom Terrific is the big man on campus.


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