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New car features that will drive you crazy

Here are the 5 most annoying new car features as voted by the Torque News staff. Tell us which ones make you crazy.

New cars are supposed to make life more enjoyable, not more frustrating. We all love the way some cars do cool things we like. For example, many cars will open all the windows if you press the key fob a certain way. What a great feature as you walk towards a hot car on a summer’s day. Why don’t all cars do that? We here at TN recently wrote a few articles highlighting the best new car features, but now it’s time to let loose! Let’s take a look at look at the worst things automakers and our government regulators have saddled us with – and made us pay for.

- The Seatbelt Chime. This was by far the unanimous winner of our pole. Why do we have to hear the bing – bing – bing, now in ever increasing intensity, as we back our car out of the garage to wash it? We now have cars that can drive themselves, but we cannot figure out a way to suppress a seatbelt warning when wearing a seatbelt makes no sense? Grab your pitchfork and I’ll get a torch. See you at city hall.


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"Damn you seat belt chime! Damn you to hell!" Quoth the Heston.
Always on headlites. I don't care if they dim to save fuel during the day. And I can turn them on myself for safety in the rain, etc. This is especially obnoxious when you pull into a campground in the middle of the nite or a drive in movie and there's no damn way to turn them off!!
And I second both the nav lawyer warning and the seat belt chime. When my chime finally quits, a light on the dash keeps flashing, making sure the groceries on the front seat are safe...