McLaren P1

McLaren releases shocking performance numbers for its P1 supercar

Those with a numbers fetish will love this car. If you think a 2013 Corvette ZR1 or SRT Viper GTS is fast, you should not read this. It will spoil your day.

The McLaren name adorns only serious automobiles. The new McLaren P1 is perhaps the company’s most serious model of all. Not only is the car a super-car by any definition, and arguably the company’s biggest leap forward in terms of technology, the car now offers some green-cred in addition to its race capability. Let’s take a look at the new official numbers released today by the company.

In the world of supercars and near supercars the spec-sheet is almost as important as the real-world performance of the vehicle. This is primarily because these cars don not exist in the real world. One does not throw the hockey bag in the back of the Veyron and head to practice at the rink. One does not drive the Ferrari to the post office and squeeze it in to the spot between the pickup truck with a ladder half tied to the bed and the sedan with kids throwing the doors wide and jumping out. These cars are Sunday cruise cars, track-day race cars, and art work displayed in custom built garages fit for such creations. In the world of specification sheet comparisons the McLaren P1 is a solid contender.


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Awesome. 0-60 in less than 3 is getting near to G-suit levels! lmao