Infiniti M

Infiniti hopes 2013 stretch M sedan will change the definition of luxury car in China

Infiniti has come late to the party in China, but has a make-up plan to try to catch Buick and head off Cadillac at the pass

The word for luxury car in Chinese is pronounced “Byoo-wick.” That is a word that Infiniti understands but hopes to soon redefine. General Motors and the European brands are doing so much business in China that it is starting to have a major impact on their strategy. For example, it is widely believed that the reason Buick survived GM’s demise a few years back, but Pontiac did not, is that Buick was well known as a brand in China. General Motors is on track to sell almost 3 million vehicles in China this year and Buick is leading the way. One of its top selling models, the Buick Excell, sold 57,000 units - In March. In fact, Buick outsold Cadillac handily as Cadillac sold under 3,000 cars total in March, nearly all of those being the SRX crossover. This sales dynamic has Infiniti realizing that there is an opportunity for the brand to jump in with both feet now and become established rather than concede the high-end luxury market to GM’s Cadillac division.


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