HondaJet Testing

HondaJet in final checklist preparing to take flight

HondaJet's most recent update continues the company's good news on FAA certification, testing, and production. Financing is now also part of the HondaJet package.

HondaJet is now very close to commercial operation in the United States. Presently, 6 HondaJets are in the production phase at the company’s North Carolina manufacturing facility. In addition, HondaJet is now moving to establish US-based leasing and financing through its own subsidiary for US customers.

Our last update on HondaJet focused on its establishment of a service facility for the 498 MPH jets. That is now ready. We have also previously covered the flight testing milestones the company achieved. The photo with this story shows HondaJets in FAA supervised runway water ingestion testing. This test is a confirmation that the GE Honda HF120 turbofan jet engines can withstand extreme conditions. The company has now completed those trials as well as extreme weather testing. The first HondaJet with a production interior is now undergoing FAA cabin systems tests. This particular HondaJet is the company’s fifth conforming aircraft and it will be on static display at an upcoming industry trade show in Henderson Nevada. Full-scale fatigue testing is also well underway. Presently, the testing has concluded the equivalent of a year of flight. The fatigue testing program will be completed prior to commercial operation.


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