Honda Urban SUV Concept at 2013 Detroit Auto Show

Honda Reveals Affordable and Practical Urban SUV Concept at Detroit Auto Show

Honda's new cute ute, revealed at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, will be fun, fuel efficient, practical, and affordable. Targeted towards younger, city drivers. Sounds like classic Honda.

Honda revealed its “Urban SUV Concept” at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit to a large crowd. The new vehicle is a very important step back towards a small vehicle focus at Honda. Throughout the presentation by Honda executives the idea that Honda is unique in its ability to produce high quality, affordable, fun, fuel efficient vehicles was put forth. This is not much of an exaggeration. While there are companies that can create a vehicle that fits that description, Honda does create cars that fit that description. Honda always has. This new small SUV (SSUV?) will slot into Honda’s portfolio as a big sister to the Fit and a little sister to the wildly popular CRV.


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