Civic Natural Gas

Honda Civic awarded spot on ten best green cars 2012 list

Kelly Blue Book (KBB) places the 2012 Honda Civic on its list of ten best green cars extending Hondas green car accolades

There is no other car in America that has as many green powertrain options as the Honda Civic. Yes, the Civic has taken some lumps recently for being a bit less responsive in its handling, and some have taken issue with its modernistic styling that is now starting to look a little dated (ironic). However, one thing is not in dispute. The 2012 Honda civic has a green car option available for a very wide range of green car buying tastes.

Civic Cream of the Crop
KBB’s editors used a summer treat as an analogy to describe what impressed them about the Civic saying "The Civic has long been the vanilla ice cream of compact sedans; it's easy to fall back on due to its remarkable reliability and exceptional value. But for 2012, the Civic has evolved into more of a Neapolitan option as it presents a choice of three different engine types: gasoline, natural gas and hybrid gas/electric. Considering all of them achieve nearly 40 highway mpg or better, the Civic is an excellent choice no matter what flavor you pick."


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