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Hertz move will mean big take-home pay boost to workers

America's largest car owner is moving its headquarters and nearly 1,000 workers to a new location in Florida. What the move will mean to its workers.

The entity owning the most cars in the United States just gave nearly one thousand of its employees a big boost in take-home pay, and a big reduction in their cost of living expenses. Hertz, the largest general use car rental brand, has announced that it will move its corporate headquarters from Park Ridge, New Jersey to Estero, Florida. The company also will move the headquarters of its most recent acquisition, Dollar Thrifty, from Oklahoma to Florida.

The state of Florida has no personal state income tax. New Jersey has a progressive income tax that tops out at 8.97%. A rough estimate of the personal income tax saved by a family earning about $1000,000 living in Florida compared to New Jersey is about $4,000.00. Working class blue and white collar workers at Hertz who relocate will all see their take-home pay increase. However, top executives at Hertz could see dramatic real dollar increases in their pay. A top executive earning $400,000.00 might see her family’s take home earnings rise by as much as $28,000.00 per year due to the reduction in taxable income in Florida compared to New Jersey. Oklahoma also has a personal income tax that tops out at 5.25%, which puts it approximately in the middle of the US states that have an income tax. According to a 2007 census bureau analysis Florida is among the lowest overall taxed states in America and New Jersey among the highest*.


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