GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson

GM's CEO plots a path for higher tax-free profits

Unsatisfied with the great sales volume, GM CEO Dan Akerson targets more untaxed profits.

General Motors is enjoying its best growth in the history of the company as we know it. Not surprising, since the company is only a couple of years old. Even when compared to the “Old GM” days, the company seems to be on a path to incredible volume. That volume has not been unprofitable, but GM’s CEO and Chairman, Dan Akerson, pointed out at the GM shareholders meeting yesterday (June 11th, 2012) that although GM is making profits, they are not in line with the company’s goals.


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Working in Europe to save money. That's "outsourcing" which is a practice that I would bailout's would avoid. I would think that in the case of GM, moral bankruptcy should have been built into our pick of CEO's. The article is correct when saying that you fit in with "Wall Street." As a nation we should break you up with the banks, and claw back your excessive salary and bonus and pension. You're a carpetbagger.
I say Taxpayer Robbers, and everyone that buys their junk is backing them . american and canadian bailedout and soon to be built in china government motors
higher tax free profits, sounds alot like opec , stick it to the consumer oh wait gm is sticking it to the taxpayers while enjoying tax free profits what a scam.