2013 Ford Fusion

Ford’s 2013 Fusion will pass competition with 7 incredible new features

2013 Ford Fusion packs driver assist features previously only found on expensive luxury cars

Not very long ago, maybe last week, there were no affordable family sedans with a driver alert system. Nor were there any with lane assist. A buyer would also have been hard pressed to find one with both adaptive cruise control and blind spot/cross traffic alert. The new 2013 Ford Fusion will pack all of this and much more into an family sedan within reach of those shopping for a moderately prices family sedan. No exact word yet on prices, but in a press statement Ford says these types of features had previously been available on luxury cars costing twice as much. By making these features available on the new Fusion, Ford will be bypassing the Hyundai Sonata, Honda Accord, and Toyota Camry and starting offer features only found on cars like mid-level Lexus and Mercedes sedans. This will likely make buyers of the competition take a look at Ford. However, it begs the question, “Why does Ford need Lincoln?”


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