Chinese firm buys electric car company Fisker and its Delaware factory

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In the latest chapter of the drawn out bankruptcy saga, a Chinese company wins the auction to get assets of Fisker. The US market could soon have three Chinese car companies offering cars for sale.

Fisker has been going away for so long we almost forgot that the company’s last assets had not yet been auctioned off. That was done Friday. In an announcement to the press the automaker said that Chinese automaker and electric vehicle battery company, Wanxiang America Corporation (Wanxiang), was the winner of the auction that included 19 rounds of bidding. Of interest to taxpayers may be that the Delaware manufacturing plant that was operated using tax dollars is part of this acquisition. There was no word on whether the taxpayers of Delaware would continue to pay the plant’s utility bills if re-opened by Wanxiang.

Despite our ire over a luxury car plant being run with money collected for public use, we at Torque News were big fans of both Fisker the car and Fisker the man. Our editor, Patrick Rall was lucky enough to spend some time with Henrik Fisker and came away very impressed. This writer spent some time with the car and also came away with a very positive view.


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It's a funny thing. Living in a city that differed ten years of property tax for Hyundai Semi-Conductor, only to have the company vacate in less than 10 years, has left this reader a little soured to Asian investors. However, the Fisker deal smells of inside manipulation. We'll see. What blows me away is that a North American based investor didn't pick up the facility. Anyway you look at it, EV or Hybrid gas/ electric is the future in personal transportation. Looks like a missed opportunity to me.
B.T.W. That's a damn good looking car.