Cadillac dealership

Cadillac to wow customers with total customer experience

Cadillac is studying customer expectations and implementing the findings to create an overall experience its customers will love

Among car enthusiasts and the automotive press there is near unanimous agreement that Cadillac is back. What started with the redesigned CTS sedan and then evolved to a full line of world class vehicles has now continued with the redesigned SRX crossover, and the coming ATS compact sedan. Without a doubt Cadillac vehicles are near the pinnacle of luxury cars in all of the world. The question remains however, if the Cadillac product is among the elite of the industry.

What is the Product
One might ask “What is the difference since the vehicle is the product?” But is it? Or is the overall ownership experience the product. Cadillac is following Lexus and others by realizing that in the world of the affluent automobile buyer, a large number of extremely high quality vehicles are available. In fact, they are all so good, and so numerous, that in order to draw in and then retain the customers it is seeking Cadillac will have to do more – much more – than provide a great car. What is needed is an overall feeling of being treated special. The Cadillac customer can go anywhere for an excellent car, but what they want and will continue to come back for, is a wonderful feeling from the time they start their new car search until the day they return to trade their car for another.


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