BMW driving game Auto Club Revolution hints at 1-Series M Coupe future

BMW releasing a virtual driving game called Auto Club Revolution which allows users to configure their own BMW 1-Series M Coupe for on-line gaming

BMW has partnered with British video game creator, Eutechnyx, to develop a new virtual driving experience called the Auto Club Revolution. As a partner from the beginning of development, BMW built the experience around its popular track models the 1-Series M Coupe, 135i, M3 Coupe, and Z4 M Coupe. Hoping to make the experience more than just another racing game, BMW envisions the experience evolving to become a forum for motorsports fans, manufacturers and enthusiasts world-wide.

Links to BMW’s sales channels will bring customers to BMW. Eutechnyx is also the creator of NASCAR, The Game 2011.

Interestingly, the game heavily favors the BMW 1-Series Coupe, which has completed its production run and is no longer being made. Could this signal that rumors of the 1-Seires M’s death are greatly exaggerated? It would seem so if one looks more closely at the game.


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