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Audi's sales grow thanks in part to a dirty word

Audi’s sales results show the A6 and A7 luxury sport sedans closing the gap in the executive sedan segment vs. rivals due in part to a body style that is a dirty word in the luxury car world.

Audi’s A6/A7 series are driving strong sales growth for the maker and seem to be capturing market share from rivals. The A6 is a favorite company car choice for many executives. It is more unique than the Mercedes E class and BMW 5 series. That is another way to say that Audi sells a lot less of them. It is sort of like the expression Yogi Berra made famous “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.” Although Audi does not have the most sales volume among the German makers, the A6 and A7 combined have tripled sales YTD versus last year’s sales of the A6 alone. The A7 is a re-bodied A6 with nearly identical running gear. The A7 competes directly with the Mercedes CLS and it has outsold the Mercedes year to date (1227 to 1037). The A7 also edged out the rival Porsche Panamera in February. On its own the Audi A6 has increased its sales 77%. It is safe to say that the A6/A7 are heroes of the Audi line-up. The 3, 4, and 5 lines have been steady sellers holding their numbers well. Overall Audi’s luxury utility vehicles and low volume sports cars have also been steady. This allows Audi to enjoy a nice sales bump overall due to the success of the A6 and A7.


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