5 must-have garage features for enthusiasts

Here is our breakdown of what every car enthusiast's garage should contain.

Every car enthusiast wants to own a Garage-Mahal. This is simply a place to store one’s pride and joy that goes beyond basic covered parking. A great enthusiast’s garage has to have 5 key things for it to make the grade. Of course, we would all like a 20 car garage with a fountain at the end and trickle chargers against the wall in each bay, but that isn’t necessary to enjoy one’s private space. Here are the 5 things every enthusiast garage should have.

Part 1 – The Car
This may seem silly, but for an enthusiast to justify a great garage there should be a great car involved. It does not matter if the car is a ’67 Camaro in parts, or if it is a Bugatti Veyron. The first step in preparing one’s special hanger is a car that defines it.

Part 2 – Space
A good car-guy or car-gal garage needs to have at least a little more space than one bay. That is because the garage is to be more than just a parking space. There are going to be tools, decorations, jack-stands, and lots of cleaning and conditioning stuff that needs a home. If the enthusiast is married, there also needs to be a corner for the spouse. This is peace-making gesture only. Enough space for a bike, or a small gardening shelf. Trust me, if you are married and you make a space just for yourself you will be headed for trouble.


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