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The 5 coolest features your car will soon have, including 360° cameras

These 5 new features soon available on most cars will change the driver’s experience for the better, including the 10,000 mile oil change interval.

One thing that we all know about fabulous new car technology is that the time between when it is introduced on expensive cars and the then trickles down to more affordable cars is getting shorter and shorter. Here are the 5 most fantastic features, as decided by the Torque News writing and testing
staff, available on mainstream cars and trucks.

1) The ten thousand mile oil change interval. How many times have you had your oil changed and it drips on the floor that night requiring a return trip to the service department? What a hassle. If you kept your car for 99,000 miles would you rather change the oil 33 times or 9? In years past engines and available oil technology required that oil be changed about every 3,000 miles. It was universally accepted that the average volume of oil in an engine would be 4 or 5 quarts and that the filter would cost $5.00 and last about 5,000 miles. MINI and other manufacturers decided to stop this nonsense and design their engines and filtration to go much longer. New oil technology can last 10,000 or more miles and engines don’t wear out due to improved technology.


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I met someone one day at a car show who said he remembered when Mobile 1 came out it said to change oil, every 75,000 miles. That was in the mid-70s. A few years later, it dropped to 50K, then 20, 10 and finally 2.5. It's funny to hear oil can now last that long. I met a few veterans who never changed their oils and only topped it off once in a while. Oh and yes, they did change the filters.