2014 Toyota Highlander XLE V6 AWD

2014 Toyota Highlander XLE V6 AWD equals family-friendly value

Our full review of the V6, all-wheel-drive 2014 Toyota Highlander XLE explains why we think this may be the best family car value in the world.

In my humble opinion, there is nobody more qualified than me to review the 2014 Toyota Highlander XLE V6 AWD. About seven and a half years ago I drove into a Toyota dealership in a Subaru Outback and came home with a brand new 2007 Toyota Highlander Sport. At that time the “Sport” was the value Highlander, having since been replaced with the XLE trim that Toyota now uses for many of its vehicles.

In Toyota talk, XLE means value. Family car value. This is the trim level you buy if the car is to be your daily driver, your spouse’s daily driver, and maybe the vehicle your kids will grow up with. Having been the exact type of person that buys a new Highlander, I can attest to its many benefits and hope to convey to you why I think, after testing it, it may in fact be the best large “value” family vehicle in the world at any price.

This size vehicle comes with three rows of seats. The XLE I tested, had a middle bench seat that can seat three, as well as a third row bench that can also seat three. Add in the two buckets up front, and you get 8. This number used to be the private reserve of maxi-vans like the Toyota Sienna and the ginormous SUVs built in ever shrinking numbers by GM and Ford. Frankly, the vehicle is an extremely comfortable four passenger, and in fact the Limited comes with captains’ chairs in the middle row, reducing the capacity to 7, but not changing the real-life usability much.


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I have a 2014 Toyo Highlander XLE & very much like this vehicle. However, after a car wash I discovered the back-up camera picture was distorted. When I looked at the camera itself I noticed there was very slight lateral crack across the lower part of the "bubble" of the camera. The car wash was a brushless car wash. I took the vehicle to the dealer who claims the crack head to have been caused by something hitting hit. Yet there is no chip of any kind which if a rock or road debris had hit it there would be, I believe, something more obvious than just a very slight crack. I wondered if you or anyone else has experienced this same occurrence of the camera lens cracking????? Thanks............