2013 GMC Terrain Towing

2013 GMC Acadia and Terrain sway full size sport utility buyers

Trailer anti-sway is standard on the 2013 GMC Terrain and Acadia helping to hook up former drivers of full size sport utility vehicles.

GMC hopes its new 2013 Acadia and Terrain will help it solve a good problem. As GM moves its product lines ahead towards a future with a much higher CAFÉ standard it must face the reality that as a company it ranks very near the bottom of the list in terms of corporate average fuel economy. The main reason for this is simple; the 2013 Suburban, Yukon, and Escalade. These extremely popular and high profit vehicles are simply killing GM in its quest to raise its overall fuel economy. The old tricks and exceptions like badging the vehicles “Flex Fuel” are no longer working as politicians with axes to grind start to call out GM on its novel ways of avoiding the CAFE standards. To keep the loyal buyers it has in the big SUV segment Chevy has designed some fantastic new vehicles that can do all the things the full size body-on-frame brutes could do but without the huge fuel economy penalty.


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