2013 Chevy Spark

2013 Chevy Spark shakes up the mini-car category

Do good things really come in small packages or are we just kidding ourselves? 5 reasons Chevy may finally break open the teeny car market in the US.

Can the 2013 Chevy Spark break the mini-car curse in the US? Mini-cars in the US have had almost zero success. In other markets that are car-oriented, such as the Japanese and German markets, the smallest cars in the line-up of many manufacturers are very popular. For example, both Audi and BMW have smaller offerings in their home markets that are thought of as both tiny and premium. Here in the States, tiny has always meant economy car. There are five factors that make this try by Chevy a little different from years past and gas prices are just one reason.

Style and Functionality
The 2013 Chevy Spark looks like a little pit-bull of a car. Many mini cars make the mistake of trying to look cute on purpose. That significantly limits the size of a potential market for a given model. The truism that you can sell a man’s car to a woman, but you cannot sell a woman’s car to a man is not a myth. The Spark has a tough looking front fascia, but it is the hidden rear doors that make the real design statement. The 15 inch alloy wheels would look small on most cars, but on this size car they add a pricey look.


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