Bubba Watson

PGA star Bubba Watson involved in strange late-night car chase

Watson, winner of the 2012 Masters, reportedly drove around for nearly 40 minutes, because he was being followed by another vehicle.

PGA star Bubba Watson may be adept at driving a golf ball down a fairway, but how is he driving behind the wheel of a car? Unfortunately for Watson, the golfer and his family were forced to drive for a total of 37 minutes on Tuesday night, because a car decided to pursue his vehicle. The strange turn of events occurred in Columbus, Ohio, where Watson was in town for the Memorial Tournament. Watson and his wife were headed back to their rental home after having hosted a Christian music concert in downtown Columbus.

"A car chased me," said Watson, who shot a 74 in Friday's second round at the Memorial. "Angie was driving. She had to pull over. I switched to driving so I could drive through someone's yard if I had to. But we had to drive away from our house, the house we rented. We drove for 37 minutes."

Not surprisingly, the concerned Watson decided to call his caddie, Ted Scott, to see if Scott could somehow derail the pursuing vehicle.

"Teddy was trying to find me in his car so he could block him," said Watson, who along with his wife recently adopted a child. "When you start dealing with that, when you have the kid with you, it's not a good situation."


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