Scion iQ

Ouch! Consumer Reports says Scion iQ is “slow, uncomfortable and noisy”

Consumer Reports refuses to mince words in their new review of the 2012 Scion iQ.

If you thought Consumer Reports’ review of the all-new Toyota Prius C was savage, you haven’t seen anything yet. The consumer review site has just taken its first test drive of the 2012 Scion iQ and the results were not good. Consumer Reports managed to take issue with nearly every aspect of the iQ, even several that have been touted as strengths by Scion.

While most reviews praise the iQ for its small size, Consumer Reports found that the vehicle suffered greatly due to its compact size. Granted, parking may be easy in urban settings, but that’s about it. Not only is rear passenger room basically nonexistent, but also front passengers are somewhat hindered. Specifically, Consumer Reports indicated that the pedals are too close to the driver, creating an awkward driving experience.

In addition to critiquing interior room, Consumer Reports was also critical of the iQ’s interior controls and visibility. In regard to visibility, test drivers found it difficult to see out of the vehicle’s back window due to its small size. Control wise, the iQ’s radio had an aftermarket feel to it and contained “poor controls.”


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