Mercedes C-Class Coupe Sport

Mercedes-Benz announces C-Class Coupe Sport details, including AMG Sports Package

Mercedes-Benz has partnered with AMG to create the ultimate sports package to give the new C-Class Coupe Sport the sportiest feel possible.

Mercedes-Benz has just revealed several additional details of its C-Class Coupe Sport, including the all-new AMG Plus Sports Package. Mercedes will feature the AMG package on the C 250 Sport and C 250 CDI Sport. The new C-Class Sport models were developed in conjunction with AMG, a subsidiary of the Mercedes-Benz that specializes in high-performance luxury cars. AMG is typically recognized for its more aggressive looks, higher performance and better handling than typical Mercedes-Benz vehicles. AMG models are generally associated with the most high-end Mercedes vehicles, which is true with the new C-Class Sport lineup.

In the case of the C-Class Sport, Mercedes partnership with AMG has resulted in the all-new AMG Plus Sports package. The newly introduced sports package coincides with Mercedes aim to make the C-Class sportier than ever.

"Refined sportiness is a brand value we hold dear, and with the new Sport models we are shifting the emphasis of the C-Class a little more towards sportiness," said Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Mercedes-Benz Cars, Sales and Marketing. "This means that in the C-Class, alongside the top-of-the-range C 63 AMG, we have the widest ever line-up of sporty models."


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