Hyundai reveals brilliant Super Bowl ad featuring the Santa Fe fighting bullies [Video]

Having already unveiled commercials for the Hyundai Sonata and Genesis, Hyundai has just released its third and most interesting Super Bowl XLVII ad showcasing the all-new Santa Fe.

Just days after Hyundai revealed a pair of Super Bowl commercials for the Hyundai Genesis and Sonata Turbo, the automaker has just unveiled its third and final Big Game ad. While the previous two commercials were effective, Hyundai’s latest will likely have the biggest impact when it airs during this weekend’s Super Bowl.

One of the cleverest spots previewed by any automaker so far, Hyundai’s “Team” ad features a youngster getting bullied by a group of young men while playing football. The bully then challenges his victim to come back with a team for a game of football. What the unsuspecting bully doesn’t know is that the hero’s mom just so happens to drive an all-new Hyundai Santa Fe, which comfortably seats seven passengers.

The amusing ad then chronicles the young man rounding up his super team of friends. This rag tag team includes a pair of weightlifters, a welder, a bear wrestler and a youth that has just carried a man out of a burning building. Upon arrival, the bully asks his challengers “touch or tackle?” to which they respond, “tackle” in unison. Hyundai’s innovative Super Bowl commercial also features Quiet Riot’s metal classic “Bang Your Head.”


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