2012 Chevy Cruze

GM announces colossal recall of nearly 500k Chevy Cruze sedans

The substantial recall was issued due to an under-shield engine problem, which may result in a fire.

General Motors Co. has just announced the massive recall of nearly 500,000 of its compact Chevrolet Cruze sedans due to under-engine shield concerns. Chevy reports that affected vehicles require under-engine shield modification so that flammable liquids do not get trapped in the engine compartment. Potentially, trapped engine fluid could result in a fire. Specifically, the recall states that 475,418 model-year 2011-2012 vehicles are affected. The majority of the sedans, 413,418 were sold in the US, while 61,299 were sold in Canada and 701 in Israel. There have been no crashes or injuries reported thus far in association with the recall.

Although no injuries have been reported, GM states that is has received 30 reports of engine fires relating to the Cruze. The recall occurs in the aftermath of a federal investigation that opened in April involving 2011 Cruze models. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigation was later expanded to also include 2012 models.


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[LOL] best compact for the money so much for all the rewards all the mags have been giving it, buy a chevy and you'll get what you pay for robbed of your tax money and a recall . time to discontinue this junk and call it somthing else
Add to that all the crappy shifting 2011 Cruzes that GM will not address once and for all!