Consumer Reports explains why MyFord Touch "stinks"

Remember last year's indictment of the MyFord Touch system by Consumer Reports? Well, they're back for round two.

It’s no secret that Consumer Reports detests MyFord Touch, an in-car entertainment and communication system developed by Ford and Microsoft. Some might remember last year’s article in which CR called the MyFord/MyLincoln Touch system “overcomplicated and distracting.” As if that piece was not damning enough, the product review site has just published a report detailing just exactly what makes the system so poor.

Prior to delving into the negatives, which there are plenty of, CR does commend MyFord Touch for its attempt at creating an innovative system. While other touch systems employ conventional knobs or buttons, MyFord Touch uses compactive switches, a large center touchscreen, steering-wheel controls, and voice command. Unfortunately, CR argues that its controls are complicated and difficult to use. Even the most common controls like climate and audio adjustment can be a chore to figure out, says CR.

CR goes as far as presenting a bulleted list of flaws with the MyFord/MyLincoln Touch system. First up are the touch-sensitive buttons on the MyLincoln Touch system, which are “maddeningly fussy” and “hard to distinguish.” Even after users figure out how to identify the right spot to touch, it usually has to be pressed multiple times before registering, according to CR.


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