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Acura apologizes for requesting "not too dark" actor in Super Bowl ad

The automaker has issued a formal apology, but claims it was not responsible for the casting announcement.

Acura has issued an apology for Wednesday’s release of a casting document calling for an African-American actor that was “not too dark” for the automaker’s Super Bowl commercial. The divisive casting announcement was published yesterday by TMZ. The celebrity gossip site obtained the document from a disgruntled African-American actor who evidently did not fit the bill due to his darker complexion. The role in question was for an “African-American Car Dealer” who was responsible for telling Jerry Seinfeld that he was second in line to receive the all-new Acura NSX sports car. The characters full description reads: "Nice Looking, friendly. Not too dark. Will work with a MAJOR COMEDIAN."

As might be expected, the “not too dark” specification outraged many, forcing Acura to address the issue. Although some in the media as well as public are denouncing Acura, the car company is contending that it was unaware of the casting description. Acura spokesman Gary Robinson told CNN, “Any of the creative directions didn't come from Acura. They would've come from the casting agency."


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What people seem to be overlooking is the segment with the sales rep in the dealership had no special effects. What lighting challenges were presented in this scene? Before his tax evasion issues, Wesley Snipes, a dark-skinned actor, did a lot of movies with lighting and special effects. This casting agency was casting against Seinfeld and not for technical reasons.