Chrysler TC by Maserati

Chrysler may revive TC by Maserati

Though the Chrysler TC by Maserati was a financial failure in its brief three-year run, Chrysler may give the car another chance.

Although the original Chrysler TC by Maserati sold just over 7,000 units in three years of existence, Fiat-Chrysler believes that now may be a good time to revive the Italian-designed two-seat convertible. Reports indicate the revival may be likely due to the fact that Fiat-Chrysler and Maserati are now corporate cousins. Full details of the upcoming venture will be published in the April edition of Car and Driver. The auto magazine has listed the TC by Maserati as one of its “25 Cars Worth Waiting For” and states that the revamped TC by Maserati will likely debut in 2014.

The TC by Maserati originated due to the friendship between Lee Iacocca, former President and CEO of Chrysler and Alejandro de Tomaso, former owner of Maserati. In 1984, Chrysler and Maserati signed an agreement to create a sport coupe, which became known as the TC. Aside from the partnership on the TC, Chrysler also served as an investor in Maserati in the 1980s.


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You know this was an April Fools joke that Car and Driver made up, right? There is no such "TC revival" in the works what-so-ever.