2013 Tacoma

Toyota announces prices for 2013 Corolla, Land Cruiser, Matrix, Sienna, Tacoma, and Scion xD and iQ

Toyota has announced North American pricing for several of its most popular models, including two under the Scion nameplate. Most are seeing slight increases from 2012, but several are still under $20,000.

Toyota Motor Sales USA has officially announced pricing for several of its top-selling models. Many are seeing a slight price bump from last year, but most are still under the $20,000 mark. The following MSRPs do not include destination fees and become effective at start of production for North American models (most begin in August).

2013 Corolla
The 2013 Toyota Corolla compact sedan is one of the hottest-selling models in Toyota's lineup. Several minor enhancements include a new front grille design, an upgraded Display Audio system, and more connectivity. The Corolla is available in three grades.

The base model, or L grade, with a 5-speed manual transmission starts at $16,230. The S grade has a 4-speed automatic and standard Display Audio connectivity starting at $19,060. These are a 1.3% price increase (about $239) from 2012 MSRPs. The LE grade with its chrome accents and top-line audio system was not given a price point.

2013 Land Cruiser
A popular off-road choice, the Land Cruiser sees a 0.4% MSRP increase ($300) to $78,255 with no major changes to the line being given this model year.

2013 Matrix
Another popular seller in the compact line from Toyota, the Matrix has two model grades and two powertrain options, including all-wheel drive (AWD).

The L grade Matrix starts at $19,275 with a 5-speed manual transmission. The S grade with standard Display Audio features and AWD in a 4-speed automatic starts at $22,415. These reflect a 2.6% ($521) MSRP increase from 2012.



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