NASCAR publicity still (#420 Monte Carlo)

The Top 10 cars owned by NASCAR fans revealed

Fans of NASCAR are true car lovers, or they wouldn't be fans of the races. has surveyed to reveal the preferred vehicles of NASCAR fans and the list is almost all Detroit 3 makes, dominated by one in particular.

The 10 most popular cars for people who are NASCAR fans is dominated by domestic brands from all three of Detroit's major makers, but two others (both foreign brands with American factories) are also on the list. Further, half of the ten vehicles on the list are all from the same automaker.

Unquestionably, according to the TrueCar survey, 5 out of 10 NASCAR fans drive Fords. The Ford F-150 2WD SuperCab, the nation's top-selling truck, is also the top pick for race fans. The Ford Mustang 2dr, unsurprisingly, makes the list at number four and the Ford Fusion 4dr SE is number five while the Escape FWD 4dr XLT is number six and the Ford Edge 4dr SEL is number seven.

The full list reads:


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