2012 Nissan Juke

Nissan unveils the loudest Juke Box in the world

Nissan has taken the idea of a juke box mobile with the loudest car stereo in the world mounted in a Juke, calling it, appropriately, the Juke Box. Meet the new life of the party.

Headed for the beach? The lake? A party? Often, going to these places and planning to have a hot stereo to crank the tunes while you're there means spending a lot of time and learning the complexities of audio at a stereo installer for an after-market system.

Unless, of course, you opt to buy a Juke Box.

Nissan's Juke is a capable and popular little compact SUV that can get you to your destination in fun style. Debuting at Le Mans this weekend, though, the Juke Box is an upgraded version of the little Nissan with a 150 decibel sound system powered by 18,900 watts of surround sound stereo.

Now that it's debuted, the Juke Box will tour Europe, showcasing its built-in PA system and DJ console to go with its ambient lighting system. 150db and a built-in DJ setup? That's serious tunage.

Now add this: broadcasting to the Ministry of Sound app so you can not only be the life of the party at the tailgate, beach, or anywhere else, but also let those who aren't there listen in via their smart phones or computers.


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