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Nissan offers employee pricing and financing for Hurricane Sandy victims

Nissan North America will offer employee pricing and discounted financing on both Nissan and Infiniti brand vehicles for people whose vehicles were lost or destroyed in Hurricane Sandy.

Those who lost vehicles in the Hurricane Sandy frankenstorm over the Halloween holiday can replace them with employee pricing and financing options from any of the more than 225 Nissan dealerships in the affected areas of the Northeast.

People who live or were parked in FEMA-designated disaster and emergency areas are eligible to claim the offer at any area dealership starting today through to January 2, 2013. This offer can be stacked with any other Nissan incentives offered, which could mean huge savings for those who're looking to replace a lost vehicle after the storm.

Financing is through Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp (NMAC), which handles Nissan's internal employee financing, and usually allows a month or more without payments when the vehicle is first purchased, which could also help those affected by the storm get back on their feet in the aftermath. Qualifying new customers can delay payments up to three months with the program, says Nissan. Existing customers in FEMA disaster areas can also delay payments up to three months without extension fees in order to recover from the storm.


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