Nissan Final Frontier in Tennessee

Nissan adds 800 employees in Tennessee manufacturing

Nissan is adding a third vehicle shift and a total of more than 800 new jobs to its Tennessee manufacturing facilities in partnership with the state's government.

At a luncheon today, Nissan Americas Vice Chairman Bill Krueger and Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam announced that an additional 810 new jobs will be added to the company's Tennessee manufacturing operations in support of Nissan's rapid growth and demand.

The new workforce will be added to a recently-enacted third shift at the Smyrna Assembly Plant. Since the beginning of a Nissan-Tennessee partnership in 2011, more than 2,000 manufacturing jobs have been added to meet the company's growing manufacturing needs.

By 2015, Nissan plans to have 85 percent of its products sold in North America being built here as well - including an 85% goal for U.S. sales vs. manufacturing. This includes their luxury brand, Infiniti. Nissan calls this their localized core-model production plan and it is something they've been working towards globally in order to cut costs on several fronts, including very expensive transportation and delivery from overseas.


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