Lamborghini opens a new earth-friendly prototype center

Lamborghini opens a new earth-friendly prototype center

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In a sign of things to come, Lambo has opened a new advanced prototyping center in Emiliana, Italy and it's the first multi-story building in that country with a Class A environmental rating.

The building is the company's new development center for designing and developing prototypes and pre-series vehicles. Its second floor is a miniature assembly line capable of putting out a handful of cars every day and the building as a whole has a Class A environmental rating, the highest energy-efficiency rating achievable in Italy.

Inside, the next wave of Lambo prototypes will be designed and engineered while the second floor assembly line allows the company to not only produce a few cars for testing, but also to trial assembly techniques that can be translated to their formal assembly facility if a prototype goes to production.

The building, located in Emiliana, Italy, uses less than 8 kilowatts per hour per cubic meter. This was achieved with features like polycarbonate walls, ceramic cladding for better insulation value, and a photovoltaic system (solar panels) that provides all of the building's electrical needs. That system means the building has near-zero CO2 impact and Lamborghini says this will be the new standard for all of their facilities from this point forward.


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