Honda Project Drive-In

Honda wants to save your drive-in theater

As the era of 35mm film distribution wanes, drive-in theaters are finding themselves going out of business. Honda wants to change that with Project Drive-In. If you have a favorite drive-in theater, you can vote to have Honda buy it new equipment to save it. Read on.

By the end of the year, 35mm film distribution will be a thing of the past. Around the country, hundreds of drive-in theaters, most family and locally-owned, will be going out of business because of the prohibitive costs of upgrading to new digital equipment. Honda wants to save some of those theaters.

Cars and drive-in theaters go hand-in-hand. Many of today's generations may not remember drive-ins, as many local theaters have already closed due to pressure from large, chain theaters and megaplexes. Yet drive-ins remain active in many parts of the country as popular spots for families and teenagers. Chances are, in today's America, many of those who catch a flick at the local drive-in are doing it in a Honda.

In an effort to keep some of those theaters open, Honda has launched Project Drive-In, a campaign to save drive-in theaters through awareness and public interest. To get it going, Honda has put up enough money to refit five theaters with digital equipment, which costs $75,000 or more to purchase and install - per screen. The twist?


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