Lexus Hybrid Concept

Green Car Concepts of Note Coming to 2012 Detroit Auto Show

When the largest auto show in the western hemisphere begins in Detroit on January 9, it will be showcasing some of the hottest new cars and automotive technology for 2012. One of the things that many auto aficionados look forward to are the concept cars - the cars that show where manufacturers are taking their designs in the future.

The 2012 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) opens tomorrow and this year, Detroit will be featuring more green automotive concepts than ever before.

Some will have wild styling, others will have far-out drive train technology, still others might be George Jetson fare. Some, however, aren't so far fetched that they are outside of realistic. Here is a roundup of the green car concepts to be showcased in Detroit this year.

Hybrid Electrics in Detroit
Most automakers have at least one hybrid in their current or planned lineup. Toyota is the most well known with the Prius, of course, but their luxury arm, Lexus, is also moving ahead with hybrids. Their latest concept, the Lexus LF-LC Hybrid, will be showcased in Detroit this week.

This one is hotter than hot. It's styling is based on the company's first super-sports car, the LFA, which debuts this year at a cool $350,000. The LF-LC utilizes a hybrid drive train, so its economy should be much better than its sports car parent. Details won't be forthcoming until the show.

Honda, Toyota's greatest hometown rival, will be showcasing their 2013 Accord Coupe concept, which will include a hybrid option. So far, the company has held images of the design close to the vest, releasing only teasers, but the car is generally expected to point viewers towards how Honda plans to style the high-selling Accord line in the near future. This one might be very near its production version, as its expected to release later this year.


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