GM Innovation Center in Austin, Texas

GM opens second of four IT Innovation Centers

General Motors has opened the second of four planned Information Technology Innovation Centers, this one in Warren, Michigan, and is now recruiting computing professionals to work on the next evolution in automotive computing.

General Motors has a vision for the future and it involves computer nerds. While not normally associated with automotive, geeks are becoming a more integral part in the way cars are being designed and used.* To go with that, GM is internalizing many of its IT services and the services it offers select partners and dealerships as well.

GM opened its first IT Innovation Center in Austin, Texas last month. For those in the know, Austin is a hotbed of IT professionals and hosts one of the largest information tech festivals in the country, South By Southwest (SXSW). That facility will employ about 500 people, most of which are being recruited from Texas university campuses.

A new center is now being opened in Warren, Michigan and will be much larger, employing up to 1,500 people over the next several years. Two more IT Innovation Centers are being planned as GM works to internalize its IT services and business services model. GM is calling this its IT Transformation. The Warren facility will act as a hub for the other three ITICs around the country.


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