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Ford going to the cloud, joins Road Train tests in Europe

Ford has joined the Daimler-led simTD V2X project in Germany, a car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communications testing project involving 120 vehicles overall.

Back in April, I made springtime predictions regarding automotive's future. As predicted (HA), most of you have forgotten about what I said would be coming. Well, Prediction #3 is getting closer. Ford has joined Daimler and others in Europe in a massive vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications test project that takes Volvo's Road Train idea to whole new levels.

Ford is contributing 20 vehicles to the 120-vehicle project called simTD V2X (vehicle-to-X). Twenty experimental driver assistance technologies are being tested in the project and the goal is to better understand the potential for car-2-car and car-2-infrastructure communications in improving traffic safety and personal mobility options.

Ford joins the project as part of its internal Blueprint for Mobility, which was outlined during CEO Bill Ford's keynote address at the 2012 Mobile Word Congress earlier this year. The Blueprint looks to tackle the issue of mobility in an increasingly crowded and urbanized planet from now to 2025.

Up to now, the simTD project partners have been testing the V2X developmental technologies in controlled environments. Now, the team is moving forward to public testing on roads in and around Frankfurt, Germany to assess them in real-world driving conditions. Some of the tech being tested is very far out there in terms of what we can imagine vehicles being able to do in the near future.


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