VW Beetle CD player

The CD player is becoming a thing of the past

Automakers are beginning to phase out the once-standard CD player from cars in favor of smaller, lighter technology that is more up to date.

As car designs become lighter and more efficient, engineers are re-thinking the CD player as a standard inclusion in today's automobiles. A single-disc player can weigh five pounds or more and multi-disc players even more than that - not including the CDs inside them.

Senior Ford designer Michael Arbaugh told the Detroit Free Press that he was looking forward to the day when CD players were no longer a common sight in dashboards.

The replacement is newer, lighter, more up-to-date technology in which digital music is stored on memory cards and phones. Many of the smaller, more youth-oriented cars now have CD players as an added option rather than a built-in standard, in fact. Instead, it's now standard to have BlueTooth and phone plug-in connectivity and in some markets, built-in memory systems (hard drives or SD card slots) are as popular or more so than are CD players.

If you're old enough, you'll likely remember when 8-track players were replaced by cassette tape decks, which in turn were replaced by CD players in cars. Some of us still own a vehicle that has a cassette deck in the dashboard and a few still have an 8-track player in their now-classic mobiles.



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I say make the double din slot required by law. Infotainment systems would drop in price by 80% overnight. Our phones have more functionality than anything rolling out of a car plant.
If government is the answer, it was a stupid question. :)