Aston Martin Vanquish configurator

Build your own Aston Martin AM310 Vanquish

Want to build your own Aston Martin AM310 Vanquish with your choice of factory customizations? The Web builder is now live. Here are some of the cool options it includes.

Aston Martin officially unveiled the AM310 Vanquish on Tuesday and it immediately generated a sensation amongst sports car lovers. The latest iteration of the Aston name is a further evolution of the car maker's 3:3 design language. Now you can build your own.

The two minute promotional video that followed the car's release showed the Vanquish's classic look and beautiful lines. Aston Martin unveiled the online configurator for designing your own AM310 Vanquish with all of the options available.

Options include 8 factory colors, including the beautiful Madagascar Orange shown here. Wheels in 10- or 20-spoke colored silver, graphite, or powder coated can also be chosen (our example uses graphic in 20-spoke). Brake calipers can be customized in one of half a dozen colors (yellow shown in our example).. That's just for the exterior.


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