Misering fuel on earthday

4 ways to save fuel on Earth Day

As a Happy Earth Day present, Torque News brings you tips for saving fuel, no matter what you drive.

Earth Day is about being nice to the environment. One of the best ways to be eco-friendly and save money is to become a Fuel Miser.

What's a Fuel Miser you ask? Easy: it's someone who uses as little fuel as possible in order to save money, the environment, and even to prolong the life of their car. Everything you're about to read is based off my book, To the Last Drop: 10 Ways to Miser Fuel Savings.

Tip 1: Don't Drive
I'm about to break all the rules for an automotive site and tell you something decidedly un-gearheadish - you shouldn't drive your car. Alright, that was a little intense. What I mean is, it's obvious that your car uses fuel when you are running its engine. Right? So don't do it. The obvious alternatives are using public transportation, carpooling, bike riding, and so on. You've heard all those before.

Analyze your friendships. If you spend a lot of time with specific friends, you have probably noticed that someone in your group of friends is always driving everyone else. Don't be that friend. If someone is always driving, make sure it's not you. If it is you, mention it to your friends and see if they can make it even somehow. Friendship is about sharing and stuff. I read that once.


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