Test Drive a Kia and Go to Australia

If you are planning on shopping for a new Kia, you might just want to practice saying that. No, Australia's Holden hasn't become part of Kia. Instead, customers in 24 countries will be selected through local test drives & special showroom visit events to enjoy an all-expenses paid trip to Melbourne for the Australian Open Jan. 17-30, 2011.

Win a Trip to the Australian Open when test driving Kia

The Australian Open is tennis' first major of the year. Kia has been a sponsor since 2002, so it's only fitting it would want to do something for its 10th year of sponsorship. To win, you have to go to Kia's Facebook page. Or you could just read the following paragraph and save yourself a click of the old mouse.

The Facebook page says, "Contact your local Kia distributor for more information on how to win a trip to the Australian Open 2011. Participating countries: Austria, Belgium, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech, France, Germany, Indonesia, Kuwait, Netherlands, Oman, Philippines, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, U.K., UAE, USA." Kia says it will have special promotions (just not trips Down Under) for customers in the other countries it serves.

Did you notice one glaring omission on that list? You're out of luck if you live in Korea, which is where Kia is based. Apparently, Mexico and Canada don't count either. Maybe those countries have an aversion to hamsters driving Kia Souls?


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