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Romagnoli, Sernagiotto Take Maserati Pole Positions

Riccardo Romagnoli and Giorgio Sernagiotto took the first two pole positions in the 2012 Maserati Trofeo MC World Series. The action on the track is being held at Jarama, Spain, with the race taking place May 20 at 10:35 a.m. local time.

Romagnoli – who has a number of career wins like the 2007 GT Open under his belt - set the best time of 1:38.374 on the last lap to edge out Cedric Sbirrazzuoli (1:38.660). Sbirrizzuoli saw the pole it took just two laps to seize disappear as he waited in the pit lane to avoid traffic and keep his tires in good shape for tomorrow. Still, Sbirrazzuoli, racing alongside Alessandro Chionna for AF Corse, set the fastest Team time. This year there is a new Overall category to go with the Trofeo and Team standings.

The 1:39.160 set by Konvex Racing's Belgian driver Renaud Kuppens (who has a background in FIA GT) showed how comfortable he felt on the Spanish circuit. This was proved by his improved lap in qualifying for Race 2 (1:38.283), behind Italian Giorgio Sernagiotto (1:37.868). Third in the 23-strong Maserati Trofeo grid is Andrea Dromedari from Swiss Team (1'39.017).

Both sessions were run in light rain. This made some sections damp but did not mean that the drivers had to reach for new tires.

Romagnoli said, "I tried to make the most of my knowledge of the track and the car seeing as I had driven it in last year's Giro d'Italia for cars. I felt positive right away and I thought we might do well from free practice on. I did everything I could on the last lap and picked up a little towards the end. I drove on the limit and managed to nick it right at the end."


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