2013 Kia Sorenton slated for host of improvements

Kia's Top Selling Sorento Gets a Worldwide Makeover

Kia, which continues to set sales records, is giving a makeover to its top-selling U.S. vehicle: the 2013 Kia Sorento.

Kia’s hugely successful Sorento CUV will receive a host of significant improvements when the new upgraded model goes on sale later this year in most markets. Significant changes include a re-engineered body shell, enhanced powertrains for best-in-class fuel economy with lower emissions; improved ride; handling and refinement; additional convenience and safety features; and a fresh new look for the exterior.

It's a big step that Kia is taking because it is gambling on a successful vehicle maintaining its popularity. However, manufacturers seem to be learning lessons from Toyota and Honda, especially Honda, and are shaking up their products mid-term to stay fresh.

“Since its introduction in 2009, the second-generation Kia Sorento has achieved more than 620,000 sales around the world. Today, it is manufactured in Korea and the USA, attracting over 130,000 U.S. customers last year to rank as the best-selling Kia model in the States for the second year in a row,” said Thomas Oh, Kia’s executive vice president & COO of the International Business Division, in a news release. “We have given very careful attention to feedback from owners, and the upgraded Sorento is not just a cosmetic exercise, but a major step forward for our popular CUV.”


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