1984 Corvette most stolen of all models.

Corvettes from 1984 Most Stolen with California Worst State

Owners of used Chevrolet Corvettes should be concerned if they own models from the 1980s. They are among the most stolen.

That's the finding of the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) that tirelessly tracks information on stolen vehicles and insurance fraud. The 1984 Corvette model has proven to be the most attractive to used car thieves and California is the wrong place to live if you drive the Chevrolet sports car.

NICB reviewed Corvette theft data from 1953-2011 and identified 134,731 theft records. However, since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration required vehicle identification number (VIN) standardization beginning with the 1981 model year, confidence in pre-1981 records is low due to the inconsistency in reporting protocols and VIN systems. Consequently, only 1981 and later data was used to produce this report.

1 1984: 8,554
2 1981: 8,262
3 1979: 6,399
4 1985: 6,348
5 1980: 6,331
6 1982: 4,565
7 1978: 4,129
8 1977: 3,983
9 1986: 3,525
10 1976: 3,036

As for the top 10 states where most thefts occurred, California leads the nation with 14,002. Of the overall total, 90,427 thefts, 63,409 of them—70 percent—occurred in the top 10 states. (Not surprisingly, the top four states on the list, though not in precise order, are the most populous states.)


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